© georg cizek-graf, live@sam´s bar

I was born in Tehran (1982) shortly after the revolution, right on the brink of war. My family was one of strong and inspiring women, and my childhood filled with love and options. Music was the path I chose (or she chose me, I’ll never know). When I was thirteen, I began to play the flute. This marked the beginning of an adventurous and complicated relationship that led to years of soul-searching for the musician within.

After graduating from the Tehran University of Art (classical flute), I moved to Vienna, where I started yet another decade of education (classical flute pedagogy) at the Vienna University for Music & performing Arts. I discovered the world of improvisation and experimental music, and worked alongside great musicians in projects like Oficina Art Vienna, Vienna Improvisers Orchestra, Music Distillery, Amorph, Salah Addin & Friends, among many others.


At thirty-one, having migrated across the globe, with two Bachelor degrees in Art but still full of self-doubt and heartache, and at the verge of giving up, a new passion surprised me; the Bass. It turned out to be a life-changing piece of the puzzle. The musician within me awoke, manifesting herself in my solo project Akhshigan. All along this path, I was guided by inspiring teachers; Mahmoud Mohaghegh, Wolfgang Puschnig, Madjid Sinaki, Franz Hautzinger, Dorit Pawikovsky, Achim Tang, Andreas Schreiber and many more. Beautiful minds, who helped me find and express my voice.

Photo©️ Georg Cizek-Graf