“The world sounds. It is a cosmos of spiritually active beings. Even dead matter is living spirit.“
(W. Kandinsky)

A city, a living pulsating organism.
A space made of static elements that gradually change over a length of time.
And living spirits that enter and inhabit this space.
An ongoing metamorphosis of various small changes.
How do I hear the essential in this frenzy of diversity?
How do I find my focus in the rapid flow of inputs?
How do I create a free space for myself in this thoroughly structured framework?
How do I live out my individuality without losing engagement?
How do I find the living spirit in dead matter?

Andrea Fränzel: Bass
Gregor Aufmesser: Bass
Jakob Schneidewind: Bass
Tahereh Nourani: Composition, Bass


Video by Triangle Studio Vienna (live @ Brick5, Vienna 2019)