I am a musician, composer and sound artist. 
If I were to put a label on my current sound, that would be electroacoustic, minimal and experimental - an arc stretched between ASMR and Noise.
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I started as a flutist.
I studied classical Flute at the Art University of Tehran.
Played as the soloist and first flute at the Orchestra of the Art University,
and later with Camerata Orchestra (directed and conducted by Keyvan Mirhadi) I took my first steps outside of the European classical repertoire. We played all kinds of music from Philip Glass and Steve Reich to Piazzolla and Nirvana.
I worked with different ensembles and musicians such as the composer Ahmad Pejman.

2004 my duo with the pianist Nassim Nik-Nafs was awarded at the Fajr International Music Festival (2st Prize/ Category: Ensemble). 
I played in different Theater Projects at Niavaran Cultural Center.
And taught the Flute, music theory and Solfeggio at different music schools and cultural establishments such as Bahman Cultural Center.

2005 I finished university and moved to Vienna...
I studied classical flute at the Vienna University for Music and performing Arts.
Played the second Flute in the Mundstück Blasorchester,
And at the Ensemble accompanying the Choir of Kalvarienberg Church in Vienna (Austrian premiere of Leonard Bernstein´s Mass).
I came in contact with improvisation, experimental and new music.
I learned from the jazz flutist and saxophonist Wolfgang Puschnig,
and the qurtertone-trumpet player Franz Hautzinger.
I played in Ensemble3000 directed by Franz Hautzinger,
and Oficina Art Vienna, a collective band led by Alegre Correa,
and as soloist with the Sudanese musician Salah Addin.
I worked in contemporary Dance and performance projects such as Falling Up (Tanz Labor Labyrinth).
In 2011 I spent a semester in Granada/Spain, where I took lessons in extended playing techniques from the composer and flutist Wil Offermans.
And started playing with the Vienna Improvisers Orchestra (conducted by Michael Fischer).

2013 I visited the Schönbach Jazz Seminar, which became a turning point in my artistic life, the beginning of my transformation from a flutist into a composer. 
Back from the seminar, I quit all my projects, and my master studies,
and started to play the Bass, and spent a lot of time with music of Jon Hassell, Miriam Makeba and Nik Baertsche´s Ronin.
I entered my first solitary creative process, which led to the birth of my solo project "Akhshigan". 
I started new collaborations with musicians like Jelena Popržan, Christian Reiner, Angelina Ertel, Raphael Preuschl, Valentin Duit, Jakob Schneidewind and many more.
Also interdisciplinary projects like contemporary circus (Circus Rhizomatic).

2019 I published my first solo album "Ancient Child" (Label08).
I got funded by the Cultural Department of the city of Vienna to compose Die Blinden und der Elefant for four Electric Basses.

2020 I did a residency at Hotelpupik 20, where I began the composition process of my new work "Wirks", composed the music for the hip hop performance "Prerogative Lips" and added new instruments into my setup: live electronics and and a self-made instrument I named Wabuwaboo.
2021 my piece The Funambulist for prepared electric bass won the PhonoECHOES prize.
My piece The Shaman was performed by Snim Ensemble at Das kleine Symposion. 
New collaborations with Katharina Klement, Matthias Loibner, Mona Matbou-Riahi, Adele Knall and Sara Zlanabitnig.
2022 funded by the Cultural Department of the city of Vienna, I composed a new piece for solo performer - for wabuwaboo, voice and live-electronics.
New collaborations with rapper KDM - Königin der Macht and trumpet player and improviser Franz Hautzinger.
I composed music for the performative screening of "Verses of Filth" by Naomi Rincon Gallardo, performance piece "Zwielicht" and the theater piece "Yggdrasil" - both productions of Cocon Kultur. 

To be continued...